3 Non-Boring Fall Outfits Under $100


Finding a pair of amazing shoes under $100 can feel like a challenge, but a whole outfit? That’s more than a challenge. That’s a Mount Everest ascension. It shouldn’t be, but it is, especially when your style proclivities fall into the maximalist-leaning camp and your heart is rarely content with a simple t-shirt and jeans combo. The more you want to pile on, the more expensive it gets, and that’s a bummer. It shouldn’t cost more to be yourself.

Great news: it doesn’t have to. Elizabeth styled three non-boring outfits under $100 and dropped a whole bunch of budget-saving breadcrumbs of wisdom while she was at it. I scooped them up like the Hansel to her Gretel and transcribed them below for you and your wallet’s mutual pleasure:

Outfit 1 Total: $99.79

“Amazon is your best friend if you’re in the market for cheap basics,” Elizabeth told me. That’s how she sourced the hero item of this ensemble, a Jescakoo leotard, for the cool price of $12.90. You could easily throw on the leotard and call it a “Cher Horowitz playing tennis” kind of day,  but at $30 a pop, why not frost yourself with a lace dress that looks like something a lady of leisure would wear whilst drinking her morning latte?

Outfit 2 Total: $97.89

“The intentionality of a monochrome outfit automatically makes it look more high end,” Elizabeth advised.

I nodded my head in agreement as she tied a ribbon around the model’s hair. “I saved this from a package that was sent to the office,” she said. “That’s another budget style tip: Get creative with your accessories. You never know where you’ll find a free one.”

I made a mental note to start rifling through the office’s recycling pile more often.

Outfit 3 Total: $76.78 (optional $39.90 bag bumps it to $115.78)

While styling this last outfit, Elizabeth pointed out that incorporating at least one dramatic silhouette ups the ante on an outfit composed of simple, affordable pieces. “These Zara trousers are the perfect example,” she said. “They prove that ‘affordable’ and ‘sophisticated’ aren’t mutually exclusive.”

BRB, getting that tattooed on my eyeballs. Or maybe a pair of yellow-lensed aviators will serve as a sufficient reminder…

Modeled by Lara Ghraoui of Wilhemina Models, follow her on Instagram at @laraghraoui. Market and styling by Elizabeth Tamkin; photos by Edith Young. 


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