5 brekkie bowls to have you bounding out of bed!


What’s not to love about bowl food?

Let’s be honest, any dish served from a bowl is just so much easier to bring together. They’re the perfect mishmash-meal vessel and whether you’re whipping up breakfast, lunch or dinner, all you need to do is bung in your ingredients and you’re done. Seriously.

When it comes to breakfast in particular, bowls are deinitely the way to go (hello, minimal effort!) so whether you prefer sweet, savoury or smoothie bowls, we’ve got you covered…

Nourishing Breakfast Bowl.

With eggs, broccoli, kale and quinoa, this is one wholesome bowl. Packed with veg and healthy fats from the avo, you’ll be bursting with energy after noshing on this!

Ditch that sugary banana bread loaf and savour this sensational smoothie bowl instead! With almond butter, cinnamon and vanilla, you’ll satisfy your sweet cravings while keeping blood sugar levels steady.

We couldn’t have a post about bowl food and not include a tasty porridge! Perfect for those entering cooler weather, this nourishing quinoa porridge is not only delicious, but it’s packed with anti-inflammatory turmeric too. Delish!

I Quit Sugar - Coconut Turmeric Quinoa Porridge

If you’re a fan of BAE (and who isn’t?) then this savoury bowl is sure to hit the spot. The hint of chilli gives this brekkie a fiery kick too!

I Quit Sugar - Chilli Bacon + Eggs

Yes, you can have choccy for brekkie! Smoothie lovers, you’re going to want to whip this one up again and again.

What’s your favourite combo? Let us know in the comments below.


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