Culture & Art History of People of Color

African, Afro-Caribbean, African-American & Afro-European

African, Afro-Caribbean, African-American & Afro- European  let your brain be your army and your mind be your gums,knifes & Swords .So now have it fight hard with all you go, who is with me it will pay off for the next generation. By -Anthia Wint

We a are strong force to be reckoned with. Continue to aim for your dreams step out and fight for what you believe in. My brothers and sisters not with guns,knife or swords but with your intelligence, believe it or one day will come when you will embarked on the right invention that will save our generation

Here are some images from the African- Amarican  Museum  that will inspire your thinking of how there is always a way you can aim for your dreams and value your worth. Start setting the example now, so our coming generation will have a legacy to look back on. Stop the fighting and let’s help to preserve our upcoming generation my brothers and sisters. Mesmerize on these outstanding people of color that never let nothing stand in their way not even the color of the skin.

Vivien Thomas, African-American surgical technician who developed the procedures used to treat blue baby syndrome in the 1940s. Thomas was also offered the position of Chief of Surgery at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins in 1941.

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