Anthia’s Cooking History

We are feeling so proud and pleased too present Anthia’s Sauces and Spices to you. Our inspiration for these products is born out of our passion and love for great tasting, healthy foods and the love that goes into the preparation for our families. This inspiration, love and passion stems from our Grandmother. Not only was she an excellent cook, she grew and raised many of the foods we ate as children.

Our family spent many hours watching and learning from her in her kitchen, and the one thing that has always stood out is that she believed in using the best quality ingredients to feed her family.

The very same love, passion, and care we learned from our grandmother go into each jar of Anthia’s Sauces and Spices. Anthia’s Sauces and Spices use the finest quality ingredients and we have worked over the years to refine our sauces into what we feel are outstanding products.

Based on feedback from our customers, we can confidently say that we have been successful in creating and exceptional product. It is with great pride that we offer to you and your customers our line of Caribbean sauces.

We humbly request that you try our products and display them in your stores.We are confident that our products will not disappoint you or your customers. Our goal is success.

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