Anthia Wint         Founder/Owner

My name is Anthia Wint the Founder/Owner of Anthia Culture & Arts Magazine. I was born in the beautiful country of Jamaica, to a farmer and a housewife.

Growing up, I knew I was very different. I cared about people a little more than the average person.

As I grew up the feelings became stronger but, I ignored them. I eventually moved to New York after having my first child and made trips back and forth to Jamaica to provide micro loans to people in need.

I lived in New York for some time then moved to Maryland, and I made that my home. There was where I started from working at a construction company to owning one. I went from being unhappy and single to happily married.

I was in my prime, or so I thought. I am a God fearing woman so when God took all those things from me I realized it was because I was not doing what he intended for me to do. After a while, I got very sick and was on my death bed.

I survived. I knew after my experience; I had to make some changes. Thank God I recovered after which I took it upon myself to travel and spread humanitarian aid to the people in my country. I knew that my calling was helping people. The feeling that I ignored for many years was now my drive and passion.

When I help people I feel accomplished, So my friends that why I founded Anthia Culture &a Arts magazine so I can help humanity more.