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                          Richard Wright is the executive director at Milbrooks Resort and owner of Camp Millbrooks Ltd.

Richard Wright

He was born in Jamaica and left in 1980  to attend West-bury High School followed by St Lawrence University in New York. Richard excelled at track and field events, body building and weightlifting. He became an American and New York State weight lifting champion and N E United States body building champion as a teenager. He also became a national record holder and Hall of Fame recipient from St Lawrence University for his track and field accomplishments in the Hammer throwing event. He gained a Bachelor Degree from St Lawrence University.

Richard ran a successful Health Care business in New York before returning to his island home to dedicate his life to his childhood dreams of developing sustainable employment in the upland rural area near Tangle River, St James Parish, where he grew up. He has a clear vision regarding Camp Millbrooks that involves developing a sustainable business model with Eco friendly and aggro tourism, wellness retreats, sustainable farming cooperatives growing and producing holistic health products, manufacturing  Natural  pharmaceuticals for the emerging global markets, all contributing to creating employment and education opportunities in the area. He is looking for like minded philanthropists and educational institutions prepared to invest in the infrastructure of this exciting project that has the potential to transform the lives

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